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About KĀʻEO

KĀʻEO is an assessment system grounded in the Hawaiian language, worldview, and culture. Its purpose is to provide information to the community for the purposes of community and state accountability. As such, the assessment system will provide an appropriate pathway for immersion students and to reflect and maintain Hawaiian wisdom and brilliance.

KĀʻEO Development

The story of KĀʻEO's development, including community involvement, technical description of the process, and more.

KĀʻEO History

A brief history of education in Hawaiʻi and the journey that lead to the development of KĀʻEO.

KĀʻEO Resources

More information on KĀʻEO including resources for parents, teacher, and community members including link, interpretive guides, and reports.

KĀʻEO Benefits

The effect of KĀʻEO has had on the Hawaiian language immersion community and the benefits to schools and the community at large.